About Us

Bobo's Philosophy Hair Salon was created by fusion of two great Vancouver salons. The original Bobo's Hair Salon was established on Davie Street in 2002. From there, it built its reputation by creating great hairstyles and happy clients. A decade later, Bobo's Hair Salon acquired Philosophy Hair Salon in Yaletown and the new salon, Bobo's Philosophy Hair Salon was born. It is now a hip place coloured with sparkling personality, employing like-minded individuals who focus on craftsmanship, new trends and great attitude.

Housed in a modern, funky space in Yaletown, Bobo's Philosophy Hair Salon boasts a sophisticated atmosphere which creates a relaxing and intimate experience for new and existing clients alike. Salon employs an experienced, talented and diverse staff of stylists and color experts, specializing men and women’s styles, each of whom focus on craftsmanship, cutting-edge trends and exceptional standards for quality. Their industry-leading hairstylists provide expert advice in cutting-edge color trends and hair styling tips, ensuring Bobo's Philosphy Hair Salon remains your top hairdressers in Yaletown. 
Bobo's Philosphy Hair Salon is proud to have served Vancouver for years and continues to do so.